Jan van den Abbeel

1943 (Denderbelle, Belgium) – 2018 (Ghent, Belgium)

JAN VAN DEN ABBEEL (1943 – 2018) belongs to the Optical Art Movement. Together with Willy Plompen and Yves De Smet, van den Abbeel founded the “PLUS” group, which aimed to give concrete expression to a new relationship between the work of art and the optical environment. He created visual works in which he rejected all lyricism and emotion, and in which only the colours and the structural elements create the optical effects and the rhythmic movements. The aim was to integrate this result into the environment and living space.

Jan van den Abbeel - Synthetics IV - 1967

acryl on metal - 93 x 93 cm
Provenance: Galerie Le Zodiaque Bruxelles

Jan van den Abbeel - Pankra II - 1970

acryl on canvas - 160 x 160 cm
Exhibited: Museo del Arte Moderno, Mexico & KMSKA, Plompen & van den Abbeel