Jean Rets

1910 (Paris, France) – 1998 (Liege, Belgium)

Jean Rets was a member of the Association pour le Progr├Ęs Intellectuel et Artistique de la Wallonie, the Walloon counterpart of La Jeune Peinture Belge, which had as its goal to open up the art in Wallonia for the contemporary international and progressive movements. Rets was also a co-founder of the Art Abstrait group in 1952, where he joined forces with like-minded artists such as Jo Delahaut, Pol Bury and Jean Milo.

Rets is primarily known for his non-figurative, geometrical art and his monumental integrations in architecture.


screenprint on paper - 1953
28 x 19,5 cm


oil on canvas - 1959
80 x 60 cm