Michel Seuphor

Ferdinand Berckelaers

1901 (Borgerhout - Belgium) – 1999 (Paris - France)

Michel Seuphor – poet, theorist and important figure among the avant-gardists of the twentieth century – founded the literary and humanist bulletin The overview in 1921, which defended abstract art and promoted avant-garde visual arts and music. He met Marinetti, Moholy-Nagy, Gabo, Gropius and Mondrian, was responsible for the international pieces of the magazine l’Esprit nouveau [The new spirit] and founded the art group Cercle et Carré [Cirkel en Vierkant] (1930).

His oeuvre was characterized by exclusive use of paper, pen drawing and East Indian ink, on which he sometimes attached paper elements that he called “dessins à gaps” [lacuna drawings]. He obtained a play with light and dark by drawing parallel lines more or less closely together. From this interplay of lines abstract forms arose that evoked inner truths.

Carré Allégé

paper collage and ink on paper - 1984
50 x 66 cm


ink on paper - 1954
37,5 x 54 cm


ink and collage on paper - 1954
54 x 37 cm