Pol Bury

1922 (Haine-Saint Pierre, Belgium) – 2005 (Paris, France)

Pol Bury is an important representative of the kinetic and optical art movements.

Pol Bury left the surrealist circle in 1947 to exhibit with artists of the Cobra movement, before turning to pure abstraction in 1951. In 1952 he co-founded the Art Abstrait group. In 1955 he took part in the exhibition Le mouvement [De Beweging] of gallery Denise René, where he experimented with various materials (wood, steel and copper) and made sculptures. Parts of his oeuvre were set in motion with the aid of magnets from 1968 onwards. After several trips to the US, Bury settled in the Paris region, where he made his first hydraulic fountain in 1976, playing with the interaction of moving water and light. Since then many so-called “fountains” have been placed in France, Japan, the United States and South Korea.


screenprint on paper - 1955
24 x 34,5 cm


screenprint on paper - 1952
27 x 21 cm


sculpture-volume - 1965
dia. 59 cm - edition MAT