Inner Circle

Final exhibition at Wolstraat 21-23

27 August - 31 October, 2021

From November 2021, Callewaert Vanlangendonck will leave the Wolstraat and move to Sint-Jacobstraat 17 in Antwerp, where the Guy Vandenbranden estate and archive are located. It will be an exhibition space as well as a research space with a specific focus on post-war Belgian abstract art. Before Callewaert Vanlangendonck leaves Wolstraat, we would like to celebrate our nine-year presence with a final exhibition entitled ‘Inner Circle’, featuring artists who have exhibited with us in recent years. ‘Inner Circle’ is a reference to our book which focuses on the network of Guy Vandenbranden with Bram Bogart, Pol Bury, Gilbert Decock, Jo Delahaut, Jan Dries, Walter Leblanc, Pol Mara, Luc Peire, Roger Raveel, Michel Seuphor, Gilbert Swimberghe, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Dan Van Severen, Jef Verheyen and Mark Verstockt.

We kindly invite you to the opening days during the Antwerp Culture Weekend.

Wolstraat 21-23, Antwerp

Friday 27 August, 2 to 9 pm.
Saturday 28 August, 2 to 9 pm.
Sunday 29 August, 2 to 6 pm.

Guy Vandenbranden

Composition - 1960
latex on canvas

Ian De Weerdt, installation view ‘Mane Motif’, 2021. (C) Aalt van de Glind

On 18 November 2021, PONTI will open its doors at Wolstraat 23. This new gallery project by Yoeri Vanlangendonck, David Vermeiren, Thor Salden and Beau Stollenwerk focuses entirely on contemporary art. PONTI aims to be a sanctuary for young artists, regardless of the medium they use to express their artistic urges. PONTI refers to building bridges. Bridges between artists and public ánd between artists and public space.
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