Fred Bervoets . Maurice Wyckaert . Philippe Vandenberg

Compagnons de route

3 December 2023 - 25 February 2024

To highlight the centenary of the birth of Maurice Wyckaert (15.11.1923 – 17.07.1996), Callewaert Vanlangendonck confronts a selection of his oeuvre with work by two artistic companions de route: Fred Bervoets and Philippe Vandenberg. Wyckaert introduced Bervoets to the Cobra artists in Paris and put him in touch with the wealthy collector and gallerist Stéphane Janssen, who took a special liking to his work and allowed the artist to exhibit at his gallery La Balance in Brussels’ Avenue Louise. Wyckaert and Bervoets remained friends for life. Philippe Vandenberg was a family friend of the Wyckaert family and the artists regularly spent time in each other’s studios. In addition, they often exhibited together in group exhibitions. This show is dedicated to three purebred painters, the classics among the moderns, and is a tribute to their (artistic) friendship.

Vernissage: 3 december 2023, 2pm – 6pm. Introduction by Koen van den Broek at 3pm.

Fred Bervoets

1e les in anatomie - 1969
oil on paper, mounted on canvas

Maurice Wyckaert

Without title - 1962
oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm

Philippe Vandenberg

De onmogelijke ontsnapping - 1994
mixed media on paper - 41 x 55 cm