Kurt Lewy and the group Art Abstrait

book presentation

18 February - 27 March, 2021

Kurt Lewy and the Art Abstrait Group.
Exhibition and book release.

Kurt Lewy is an important figure in the post-war Belgian art scene, because of his artistic contribution to a second generation of abstract artists, and because of his personal life story that captures one of the greatest trauma of the twentieth century. We are struck by the fact that the slightly older and displaced artist connects with a young group of artists including Jean Rets, Guy Vandenbranden, Pol Bury and Jo Delahaut. Artists who created a new universal visual language with the resources of their time, Europeans avant-la-lettre through their art. It is the optimism of this young guard that Kurt Lewy sought to join. We therefore consider it a privilege to dedicate a publication to his work together with the Jewish Museum of Belgium, the first in more than thirty years. We hope that this special artist will once again claim his place in the post-war abstract art scene and that the general public will get to know this artist better.

overview of available works

Kurt Lewy in his studio, 1946