The New Flemish School

26 February - 30 April, 2023

Opening Sunday 26.02.23, 2 pm – 6 pm, with an introduction by Johan Pas at 3 pm.

In response to G58 Hessenhuis, Jef Verheyen and Englebert Van Anderlecht, at collector Hans Liechti’s hotel in Grenchen, Switzerland, forge plans that would lead to the creation of the avant-garde artists’ group The New Flemish School (1959-1965). The supportive role of gallery owner Hans Liechti can hardly be underestimated. Alongside important Swiss, German and French artists, he attracts a new batch of Belgian artists. After Lucio Fontana, Liechti is the second foreign art collector to acquire work by Guy Vandenbranden. From then on, Hans Liechti’s collection includes many works by Belgian abstract artists. Part of his collection is now on display at Callewaert Vanlangendonck Gallery.

Paul Van Hoeydonck
Guy Vandenbranden
Walter Leblanc
Mark Verstockt
Wout Vercammen
Englebert Van Anderlecht
Jef Verheyen
Jan Dries
Mark Claus
Wannes Van de Velde
Vic Gentils
Bram Bogart
Guy Mees …