Guy Vandenbranden. Inner Circle


Guy Vandenbranden. Inner Circle, explores the friendships between Guy Vandenbranden (1926 -2014) and contemporaries such as Bram Bogart, Pol Bury, Gilbert Decock, Jo Delahaut, Jan Dries, Walter Leblanc, Pol Mara, Luc Peire, Roger Raveel, Michel Seuphor, Gilbert Swimberghe, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Dan Van Severen, Jef Verheyen and Mark Verstockt. A richly illustrated text and catalog section emphasize the international character of the Belgian art scene between 1955 and 1980.

This book offers an insight into the international network of the Belgian post-war avant-garde, from the perspective of Vandenbranden’s art and his close connections with avant-garde group ZERO. Besides works by Vandenbranden, it presents paintings, drawings and sculptures by his friends, colleagues or what one would call his inner circle.


Callewaert-Vanlangendonck Gallery

David Vermeiren

2017 / 191 pages

English / Dutch / German


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